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Shredder 9 UCI Chess Program

Shredder With Shredder 9 UCI you get the latest and best version of the Shredder family that exists since 1993 and the latest version of the Shredder user interface. The Shredder chess programs have already won nine titles as World Computer Chess Champion, are leading in all important computer chess rating lists and are accepted as the best chess programs for PCs. Start up version of this is Shredder Classic and multi processor version is Deep Shredder 9 UCI. The UCI engine can be used in Shredder user interface, latest versions of Fritz interface, chessbase interface, chess assistant interface etc. Please visit for more details.
In the fast Lane: new Aussie champ

IM Gary Lane is the new Australian champion, edging out GM Ian Rogers by half a point in an exciting competition.
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Australian Championships Live

Top four boards of Australian Championships are being broadcasted live! Please click here and follow the links under Current Events. The official tournament website is
Live Games - Tournament Site
Play Chess Now!

New 'Play Chess' Section. Play chess against other people on Chess Kit. The current version is Beta 2 and there is still alot of work to be done. Please send feature requests or bug reports to
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Chess Kit Community

Chess Kit has released new forums at Feel free to post questions, comments, ideas or any contributions. Please click [Register] to sign up.

You are now able to post PGN games and FEN positions!

Lokasoft has sent us Chess Tiger 15 and Deep Sjeng.

Deep Sjeng is a new program from the young talent Gian-Carlo Pascutto. Deep Sjeng is a much improved version of Sjeng that additionally supports multiprocessors.

After many months of hard work Christophe Théron again has managed to create a stronger engine. Chess Tiger 15 combines the strong points of Chess Tiger 14 and Gambit Tiger 2 engines. Chess Tiger 15 is the long awaited successor of the REBEL 11 package.
We're back!

Chess Kit is back, and is running on a new system. Chess Kit will now be hosted by OnSmart Network. OnSmart Network is sponsoring Chess Kit and will provide hosting for both and Special thanks to Jacky Yung (Owner of OnSmart Network) for this sponsorship. Be sure to check out their excellent Web Hosting packages at

We will add some new content over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Chess Board
Australian Open 2003

The Australian Open 2003 website can be found at The website contains, games, crosstables, annotated games by IM Zong-Yuan Zhao and much more.
John-Paul Wins!

IM John-Paul Wallace wins the 2003 Pratt Foundation Australian Open Chess Championship. Click here to see all games played by John-Paul.
Annotated Games

Annotated games from the Australian Open 2003. IM Zong-Yuan Zhao annotates top board games.

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